Hello CPPS'ers.

My symptoms remain largely the same. The only treatment I am doing is Internal Trigger Point Release, I haven't seen marked improvement in the first 2 months or so. Still, I'm remaining patient and I understand this is a viable option. Today I purchased  "the Better Bladder Book" by Wendy Cohan, RN. I've only skimmed over the first few pages but the book encompasses IC, Endometriosis, Bladder/Bowel Health, PFD, and Myofascial Pelvic Pain. It looks promising and I hope to do a lengthy review once I've finished the book and tried some of the protocol. 

Onward I go,

Up until last night I hadn't sat for more than 2 hours, in a very long time. I haven't associated sitting with an increase in pain.

I went over to my buddies house and ended up hanging out for 4 or 5 hours, I was seated the whole time on a wooden chair. I now know how much sitting can increase the pain.

All of last night my perineum, and yes my man-parts, were burning and suffering from stabbing pains. This was relieved some by standing up but my oh my am I going to avoid sitting from here on out, I hope this does not indicate pudendal neuralgia but instead pelvic floor tightness or spasm.

I will post a physical therapy update tomorrow evening, then I see one more uro on the 26th, and a pain doctor in April. I've been trying to kick pelvic pain in the ass, but the exact opposite has been happening.

Warmest regards,


My family has been the most supportive group when it comes to this struggle, whether it's been emotionally, verbally, or financially l've had a lot of help. This morning both my mom and dad commented on the fact that I was still in bed at 11:30 and not doing anything around the house. The topic of not having a job yet has also come up recently. Even though they love me and care dearly about my health, I do think they feel I'm being lazy or taking advantage of my situation. 

I'm only 20 and I don't enjoy sitting on padded pillows all day, avoiding relationships, and doing embarrassing internal therapy. I didn't choose to quit staying out late with my buddies, chasing pretty girls, and working with my father and best friend every day. CPPS dictates my life, even though I do my best to take control. My friends have been so patient and I've kept in touch with them, visited them when I can. It's frustrating when friends really want me to have a few beers like old times, or when my parents suggest I start looking for jobs. I'm not lazy or distant by choice, those of you are accustomed to the old Bert know that I'm usually adventurous, outgoing, and busy. Hopefully someday soon I can return to that way of life. Thanks to everyone who has given me motivation and doesn't judge me based on the changes I've made in my life. I greatly appreciate my extended family including my hoodlum friends, sufferers, teammates, relatives, and readers.

Warmest Regards,
Well last week my Orchalgia came back, for no apparent reason, after being absent for 3 months. It was pretty debilitating.  My mom convinced me to see a family doctor again...so I went in and she referred me to see the general surgeon later in the afternoon. He quickly checked me for hernias and said theres nothing else he could order or do for me, that seeing the pain clinic was a good idea.

I have one more appointment booked in february to check for prostate bacteria, since no urologist has done this. Nobody wants to properly rule out prostatitis. I also have an appointment booked out in April for the pain clinic to explore whether or not nerves have a role in my pain. I'm taking it slow, not worrying, and looking at all avenues. If the remaining professionals do not offer me help, or continue to deny me legitimate tests and treatments...I will be taking a naturopathic route for pain relief. The medical solutions for this problem have been nil and very exhausting.

Along with my Physical Therapy treatments I plan on trying out one alternative treatment per month and reporting my results. For February I am seeing a holistic practitioner to address the emotional-physical combination of CPPS. In April I have an appointment scheduled with a pain specialist, I plan on pursuing nerve blocks to see how I respond. I may also do acupuncture, chiropractic, hot yoga, etc. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. People with CPPS should be communicating in solidarity. Healthy individuals sometimes neglect those in pain, or fail to understand the complex situation a sufferer can be in. I'll leave you with this, inside my fortune cookie the other night was this message, "It's those who suffer that make the world a better place." Everybody's got one, two, or a few hundred silver linings they can pull out of this mess :D.

Have a good weekend,
Today my pain was minimal, it's days like these that my prospects seem to be just fine. Knowing that my chronic pain can be kept in check is very important. Who needs to eliminate their pain completely when they can overcome it and still enjoy life? 

We had another basketball game tonight, we lost 77-62 making that four games in a row, so our record is 2-4. However, I was fortunate enough to have a really good night scoring a career-high 29 points. My family was there to watch which was also great. 

Also, I've recently added more fiber to my diet and it's supporting normal bowel function which seems to help my pelvic pain stay at lower levels. Everything I'm trying is just exploratory as there isn't really a suggested method of treatment, just trial and error. Keeping all the muscles in my lower body loose and frequent hot baths have been the most helpful. Of course I'm waiting for a prescription of the miracle pill, but I'm not holding my breath :o.

I plan on ordering "Heal Pelvic Pain" by Amy Stein, has anybody tried the protocol in this book? I'll be reviewing it on here for other CPPS'ers to check out. I'm ecstatic that I was able to hangout with a few of my friends for 2 hours today and play an entire 40 minute basketball game without my pain levels rising. Feeling thankful and opportunistic. Not too be a grinch, but keeping your hopes at a realistic level is essential to coping with these symptoms. Plus I heard that having a regular pelvis is pretty overrated these days...somewhere, I definitely heard that haha.

Wishing everyone an excellent weekend,
I took a couple-days-hiatus from the blog because I had PT and a nasty hip flexor strain that put me in a bad mood. But anyways, I had been flaring up for about a week before my PT appointment on Monday. Unfortunately I was an hour late for my appointment and had to reschedule for later in the afternoon, then my car died across town and I barely made that appointment. It was not a stellar day haha.

Physical therapy went well, I found out that my Kidney was "stuck" to my colon? After about fifteen minutes of rigorous massage my therapist said it had released some. Moral of the story, my kidney hurts still. We did myofascial trigger point release like usual and it quieted down the pain some, that's what seems to help the most. While I wish like everyone else that there was a "cure" for my pelvic pain, I am still happy with the results of trigger-point release because it lowers the pain levels and allows me to enjoy daily living ALOT more.

I got a few emails and comments over Facebook, twitter, and this blog. Thanks for checking it out and if you are suffering from pelvic pain, I'll suffer with you, but we will find ways to cope and keep the pain at bay. My mind is probably of little help to my body since I've been pushing through the soreness while playing basketball and riding snowmobile, but being confined to the tub or my couch is more mentally terrible than the physical pain I have. 

On the plus-side my game is improving every day on the court, I hope to have another big game tomorrow night so wish me luck and hopefully a Win for the team
Today I was able to go out and shoot some hoops with a few friends I've really been missing. I sorta payed for it after and now we're out of hot water so I can't take a bath. frustrating. Again, somebody should buy me a hot tub just because I'm awesome <<< great plan. 

I mostly hangout with my 14 year old  Brother now, but he can't spend all of his time with me and I understand that. I asked him to see a movie tonight but he's already going with friends, I think I'm gonna ask my mom to go. What's cooler than going to a movie with your mom anyways? NOTHING. That may not be entirely true but I'm going to convince myself that anyways haha. 

I was kind of looking forward to meeting up with my friends but it's Saturday, they are drinking, and I can't partake or feel comfortable in the party atmosphere. Maybe they will want to catch some hangover breakfast at the Fry'n pan tomorrow (crossing my fingers.)

All-in-all transitioning to boring weekends, laying around to keep the pain at bay, has been a long process. I'm getting more content with staying in with the fam and staying away from parties and unhealthy activity...but I sure would love to run the beer pong table right about now. 

Hopefully my mom doesn't stand me up on my movie offer, I would question humanity if that happened...lol.

Here's to another low-key, chilled out weekend.

Seems like I'm having a flare-up again. I'm glad I don't have any followers on this blog yet, since all my posts have been negative haha. But seriously I'm up at 1:30 taking a hot bath because the pain is bad again. I'm thinking somebody should be really cool and buy me an actual hot-tub. just because.

Too much basketball, activity = Angry Pelvis...


Around the same time I began having pelvic pain I was moving into an apartment with one of my good friends. I wasn't working, but I figured this was something that would get better in a few days, weeks, months so I agreed to move in. 

As the pain got worse and persistent I spent more and more time at my parents home, hanging out with my brother, surrounding myself with people I love. I rarely went back and stayed at the apartment, only to drop of some rent money or grab some belongings. I felt bad for my roommate but he just couldn't relate, pelvic pain? He'd never heard of anything like that haha. He assumed maybe a beer or two would help but even the hydro's I was prescribed weren't of use, and I'd never been on pain medication before in my life.

Today he helped me move the rest of my stuff back home. I'm not too helpful with the bills at the moment anyways, any money I can make doing favors for others or work around the house is spent on physical therapy. So I'm sitting here watching the Gophers play Ohio State with my little bro. I couldn't quite get the motivation to go swimming today, or shoot hoops, lifting couches and driving around for most of the day was not very friendly to my body.

My brother takes online school now, he's in eighth grade, and my parents want me to start helping him each day. I always feel my best in the morning, so I'm ready to get up and make that part of the whole "silver-lining" idea if I can help him succeed. 

But seriously, I don't mind being at home. I'm hunkered down in the basement, I know 20 and living in the basement, but don't judge me ya schmucks. I've grown closer to my brother and these are the people who understand my current struggle. So it's a blessing.

Minnesota is up 52-46 with 3:00 left to go.....Nevermine 57-46 Gophers Rolling! Peace out everyone.


    Robert Wanek.

    20 years old.
    Avid Athlete.
    CPPS Sufferer. Advocate.


    January 2014