My family has been the most supportive group when it comes to this struggle, whether it's been emotionally, verbally, or financially l've had a lot of help. This morning both my mom and dad commented on the fact that I was still in bed at 11:30 and not doing anything around the house. The topic of not having a job yet has also come up recently. Even though they love me and care dearly about my health, I do think they feel I'm being lazy or taking advantage of my situation. 

I'm only 20 and I don't enjoy sitting on padded pillows all day, avoiding relationships, and doing embarrassing internal therapy. I didn't choose to quit staying out late with my buddies, chasing pretty girls, and working with my father and best friend every day. CPPS dictates my life, even though I do my best to take control. My friends have been so patient and I've kept in touch with them, visited them when I can. It's frustrating when friends really want me to have a few beers like old times, or when my parents suggest I start looking for jobs. I'm not lazy or distant by choice, those of you are accustomed to the old Bert know that I'm usually adventurous, outgoing, and busy. Hopefully someday soon I can return to that way of life. Thanks to everyone who has given me motivation and doesn't judge me based on the changes I've made in my life. I greatly appreciate my extended family including my hoodlum friends, sufferers, teammates, relatives, and readers.

Warmest Regards,

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    Robert Wanek.

    20 years old.
    Avid Athlete.
    CPPS Sufferer. Advocate.


    January 2014