Around the same time I began having pelvic pain I was moving into an apartment with one of my good friends. I wasn't working, but I figured this was something that would get better in a few days, weeks, months so I agreed to move in. 

As the pain got worse and persistent I spent more and more time at my parents home, hanging out with my brother, surrounding myself with people I love. I rarely went back and stayed at the apartment, only to drop of some rent money or grab some belongings. I felt bad for my roommate but he just couldn't relate, pelvic pain? He'd never heard of anything like that haha. He assumed maybe a beer or two would help but even the hydro's I was prescribed weren't of use, and I'd never been on pain medication before in my life.

Today he helped me move the rest of my stuff back home. I'm not too helpful with the bills at the moment anyways, any money I can make doing favors for others or work around the house is spent on physical therapy. So I'm sitting here watching the Gophers play Ohio State with my little bro. I couldn't quite get the motivation to go swimming today, or shoot hoops, lifting couches and driving around for most of the day was not very friendly to my body.

My brother takes online school now, he's in eighth grade, and my parents want me to start helping him each day. I always feel my best in the morning, so I'm ready to get up and make that part of the whole "silver-lining" idea if I can help him succeed. 

But seriously, I don't mind being at home. I'm hunkered down in the basement, I know 20 and living in the basement, but don't judge me ya schmucks. I've grown closer to my brother and these are the people who understand my current struggle. So it's a blessing.

Minnesota is up 52-46 with 3:00 left to go.....Nevermine 57-46 Gophers Rolling! Peace out everyone.


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    January 2014