Well last week my Orchalgia came back, for no apparent reason, after being absent for 3 months. It was pretty debilitating.  My mom convinced me to see a family doctor again...so I went in and she referred me to see the general surgeon later in the afternoon. He quickly checked me for hernias and said theres nothing else he could order or do for me, that seeing the pain clinic was a good idea.

I have one more appointment booked in february to check for prostate bacteria, since no urologist has done this. Nobody wants to properly rule out prostatitis. I also have an appointment booked out in April for the pain clinic to explore whether or not nerves have a role in my pain. I'm taking it slow, not worrying, and looking at all avenues. If the remaining professionals do not offer me help, or continue to deny me legitimate tests and treatments...I will be taking a naturopathic route for pain relief. The medical solutions for this problem have been nil and very exhausting.


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    Robert Wanek.

    20 years old.
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    January 2014