Along with my Physical Therapy treatments I plan on trying out one alternative treatment per month and reporting my results. For February I am seeing a holistic practitioner to address the emotional-physical combination of CPPS. In April I have an appointment scheduled with a pain specialist, I plan on pursuing nerve blocks to see how I respond. I may also do acupuncture, chiropractic, hot yoga, etc. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears. People with CPPS should be communicating in solidarity. Healthy individuals sometimes neglect those in pain, or fail to understand the complex situation a sufferer can be in. I'll leave you with this, inside my fortune cookie the other night was this message, "It's those who suffer that make the world a better place." Everybody's got one, two, or a few hundred silver linings they can pull out of this mess :D.

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    Robert Wanek.

    20 years old.
    Avid Athlete.
    CPPS Sufferer. Advocate.


    January 2014