Wednesday nights I play city league basketball, I don't really notice the pain while playing because I'm so focused and enjoying myself. Right now my Pelvic Floor will not stop spasming and the feeling of pressure is pretty bad. Luckily I have a glass of chocolate milk and a heating pad so I'm golden haha. It really seems that any activities using hip flexion make symptoms worse...but quitting sports doesn't seem like a plausible reaction. At this point I've given up my Job, drinking with friends, most of my social life, so nah I think I will take the mind-over-matter approach when it comes to sports.

Oh, we lost 65-58. I put up 19 points and blocked out my pelvic pain for a few hours so all-in-all I'd label it a success. My next PT appointment is Monday.


    Robert Wanek.

    20 years old.
    Avid Athlete.
    CPPS Sufferer. Advocate.


    January 2014