Up until last night I hadn't sat for more than 2 hours, in a very long time. I haven't associated sitting with an increase in pain.

I went over to my buddies house and ended up hanging out for 4 or 5 hours, I was seated the whole time on a wooden chair. I now know how much sitting can increase the pain.

All of last night my perineum, and yes my man-parts, were burning and suffering from stabbing pains. This was relieved some by standing up but my oh my am I going to avoid sitting from here on out, I hope this does not indicate pudendal neuralgia but instead pelvic floor tightness or spasm.

I will post a physical therapy update tomorrow evening, then I see one more uro on the 26th, and a pain doctor in April. I've been trying to kick pelvic pain in the ass, but the exact opposite has been happening.

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03/06/2014 11:08am

Sitting is the enemy. A couple of months ago I have to drive from Chicago to southern Indiana and back again in a day. Spent 9 hours in agony. When I got home I collapsed into bed. Oddly enough, I drove to Door County, Wisconsin a month later and had pain. I wasn't having a flare up and that point. Just depends.


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