Today I was able to go out and shoot some hoops with a few friends I've really been missing. I sorta payed for it after and now we're out of hot water so I can't take a bath. frustrating. Again, somebody should buy me a hot tub just because I'm awesome <<< great plan. 

I mostly hangout with my 14 year old  Brother now, but he can't spend all of his time with me and I understand that. I asked him to see a movie tonight but he's already going with friends, I think I'm gonna ask my mom to go. What's cooler than going to a movie with your mom anyways? NOTHING. That may not be entirely true but I'm going to convince myself that anyways haha. 

I was kind of looking forward to meeting up with my friends but it's Saturday, they are drinking, and I can't partake or feel comfortable in the party atmosphere. Maybe they will want to catch some hangover breakfast at the Fry'n pan tomorrow (crossing my fingers.)

All-in-all transitioning to boring weekends, laying around to keep the pain at bay, has been a long process. I'm getting more content with staying in with the fam and staying away from parties and unhealthy activity...but I sure would love to run the beer pong table right about now. 

Hopefully my mom doesn't stand me up on my movie offer, I would question humanity if that

Here's to another low-key, chilled out weekend.


01/21/2014 1:21am

Rob- just wanted to tell you what a great you -tube clip you made! You a right- there needs to be more awareness about men's pelvic pain. although I am a woman with pelvic pain I co-facilitate a support group for men with PP (we do a separate one for women) but we have 3 men who I will refer to your page and you might learn from each other :) I live in Perth, Western Australia but your clip was put up on 'Chronic Pain Australia's' you are being seen on the other side of the world! Just a thought but myself and lots in our groups have PP caused by the trapping/irritation of the Pudendal Nerve...has you PT suggested that as a cause? With men's PP who often get told by urologists that it is Prostatitis using end up having Pudendal Neuralgia.A Pudendal Nerve block is the way to get a diagnosis and taking Gabapentin/Lyrica often helps -are you on any meds? A great resource is the US site called 'Pudendal Hope' which has a worldwide forum where you can post your story and ask may want to tell them about your website :) I was a uro/gynae Registered Nurse but this has put a stop to my career and luckily have a supportive husband and 12 yr boy/girl twins but just wanted to let you know to 'Hang in there' and don't give up searching for answers!! Cheers Vanessa


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