I took a couple-days-hiatus from the blog because I had PT and a nasty hip flexor strain that put me in a bad mood. But anyways, I had been flaring up for about a week before my PT appointment on Monday. Unfortunately I was an hour late for my appointment and had to reschedule for later in the afternoon, then my car died across town and I barely made that appointment. It was not a stellar day haha.

Physical therapy went well, I found out that my Kidney was "stuck" to my colon? After about fifteen minutes of rigorous massage my therapist said it had released some. Moral of the story, my kidney hurts still. We did myofascial trigger point release like usual and it quieted down the pain some, that's what seems to help the most. While I wish like everyone else that there was a "cure" for my pelvic pain, I am still happy with the results of trigger-point release because it lowers the pain levels and allows me to enjoy daily living ALOT more.

I got a few emails and comments over Facebook, twitter, and this blog. Thanks for checking it out and if you are suffering from pelvic pain, I'll suffer with you, but we will find ways to cope and keep the pain at bay. My mind is probably of little help to my body since I've been pushing through the soreness while playing basketball and riding snowmobile, but being confined to the tub or my couch is more mentally terrible than the physical pain I have. 

On the plus-side my game is improving every day on the court, I hope to have another big game tomorrow night so wish me luck and hopefully a Win for the team

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