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My symptoms remain largely the same. The only treatment I am doing is Internal Trigger Point Release, I haven't seen marked improvement in the first 2 months or so. Still, I'm remaining patient and I understand this is a viable option. Today I purchased  "the Better Bladder Book" by Wendy Cohan, RN. I've only skimmed over the first few pages but the book encompasses IC, Endometriosis, Bladder/Bowel Health, PFD, and Myofascial Pelvic Pain. It looks promising and I hope to do a lengthy review once I've finished the book and tried some of the protocol. 

Onward I go,

02/18/2014 5:27pm

Have you tried a bridge pose? lie on your back for a second, knees up, feet on the ground and tilt your pelvis up (so the weight comes off your backside). I find this really works to release the pressure. I'd highly recomend yourpaceyoga.com's video.
Hang in there. And maybe avoid the wooden chairs for a while....

11/18/2014 3:20pm

Hi there,

I came to your website by looking at your youtube video. Just wanted to tell you that I'm in the same boat except that I had this for 10 years now (im 30). For the last 2 years I've been following Anderson Wise protocol (have you read his book Headache in the pelvis) and its getting better now. I think Im like 70% healed. It takes a lot of time Im affraid.

So 2 months is nothing really... Atleast for me.

With the internal work you have to relax the muscles. Do some kind of relaxation work focused on the pelvic area. And also just recently I've noticed that it is probably important to deal with the perianal area.

I massage it with several types of balls (big ball, tennis ball gold ball lacrosse ball).

It hurts but in a way internal hurted also in the beggining.

You have some important muscles there like bulbospongius and ischicavernous muscle. Although I am not sure how much you can reach them through skin.

That is just my 2 cents...


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